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ForeFront is an Independent Television Production Company and Television Broadcast Facilities Provider

CREW HIRE ForeFront offers full broadcast shooting facilities from its Cork base which service the whole country.

Our facilities consist of Digi-Beta & Beta SP 16:9/4:3 cameras with other formats available on request.

Additional equipment that we can provide are as follows: 

Tracks and dollie
W/A lens
HMI lighting
10kw tungsten lighting
(Blondes,Red heads, Mizars, Dedos)
Radio Mics 


ForeFront can also provide Multi-Camera Camcorder shooting on Digi-Beta. The camera’s are linked back to a Vision Mixer for a live cut of the event. We also roll tapes in each camera for ISO edits in Post-Production. This system has become a very good alternative to an OB as it is flexible enough to set up anywhere and has been used in many different situations from Sport to Light entertainment. 

We also look after the rest of the production needs, including Director, Lighting, Sound, Set Design and any other requirements your production may have.

Below is an example of some of the productions this system has been used on

Geantrai (TG4 – 6x13part series)
A Magic night in the Lobby Bar (RTE)
Banrion an Bosca (TG4)
Scor (RTE)
Arnean Nollag na mBan (TG4)
Gaillimh le Sri Lanka (TG4)
EMC Corporate (Live satellite Up-link to USA)

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