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ForeFront is an Independent Television Production Company and Television Broadcast Facilities Provider


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Consists of an uncompressed Final Cut Pro Suite with 1000GB of storage. The suite uses SDI, Component & Firewire inputs to serve our Digi-Beta, Beta SP, Beta SX & DV machines. With 3D graphics and DVD authouring capabilities this is a one stop shop for all your post production needs.

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Consists of an on-line Avid Media Composer also with Digi-Beta, Beta SX, Beta SP & DV Capabilities. We have 4 hours of on-line and 30 hours of off-line storage available on our drives. This suite also comes loaded with the latest version of after effects.

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This is our linear 2/3 machine Digi Beta/Beta SP suite. We use this on location as well as at base for News/Sport edits that have a fast turnaround. We can master to either Digi-Beta or Beta SP.

Dubbing & Duplication

We provide a dubbing service for Digi-Beta, Beta SX, Beta SP and DV to each other or to DVD & VHS. We also provide small scale VHS & DVD Duplication.

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